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Team Ride BBD (Big Black Dog) has the honor of riding for our new warrior Gabe. This is a summary of what our little friend is going through:

Gabe, 8
Spinal Meningioma
Gabe loves Legos, playing outside, racing BMX, and making YouTube videos. He is a huge fan of Imagine Dragons and Five Nights at Freddys. Gabe was diagnosed January 4, 2018 and had a laminectomy the following day after being flown to Childrens. A follow-up MRI showed more growth, so he had an angiogram to block an artery surrounded by the tumor on February 27 and a suboccipital craniotomy on February 28. His neck was too unstable due to the amount of bone removed, so he had a cervical occipital fusion on March 6. Gabe spent eight days in the hospital the first time, two weeks the second time, and is currently undergoing 31 rounds of IMRT radiation. His brother and sister are staying with their grandparents at home in Springfield, so the family is 200 miles apart. His family just keeps looking to the future. Gabe hasn't stopped smiling and being positive through it all. He hopes to get back on his bike when this is all over and make YouTube videos when he is older. Gabe is an inspiration to so many people. The future holds great things for him. Gabe and his family would like to help raise money for continuing research to help others.

To say it is an honor is an understatement! Please help us support Gabe and his family by supporting our ride. Team Ride BBD will be with Gabe with every turn of the pedal.

Thank you for your support!

Team Ride BBD ... proud supporter of Gabe's Warriors




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