Why We ride: In 2015 Team Leukemia formed to be an outreach to the leukemia research and treatment efforts at Siteman Cancer Center, Barnes Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine. We are approaching $100,000 in total donations as a team in 2017.

For 2017, Team Leukemia rode for one of our own, Matt Holt, who worked in and managed the research lab for John DiPersio, and has been at Washington University School of Medicine for 27 years. Within a few months of retiring last fall and moving to Maryland, close to his family, he was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, or AML. Matt had his first bone marrow transplant this summer.

Team Leukemia is also riding in memory of Mandi Schwartz, our #17, last year, this year and forward. Mandi lives on through bone marrow drives in both New Haven, Connecticut and Saskatchewan, and whether you are a hockey fan or not, Mandi's life represents the drive we should have to eradicate the disease with better treatment options.
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Why #17 is on our sleeves

So far Pedal the Cause support of Leukemia specific immunotherapy pilot projects has led to a 2.2 million dollar SPORE grant from the NIH for further research translation to useful therapy.

Pedal the Cause works for Leukemia research. It jump starts new ideas, and helps to prove these principles to go further. The 100% funding model insures that donations go directly where they should go, to research and not to administer the event.

You may donate to Team Leukemia for 2017 up to October 31. Please consider joining Team Leukemia as a rider, a virtual rider or a volunteer for 2018.

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