Friends and Family Team

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Lifetime total: $521529.1500

Team Captain: Taulby Roach

ID: 30933


Hi everyone and welcome to Frank the Tank 2018!

This will be our 6th year to ride Pedal the Cause. In that time, our team has raised $500,000!!!! And, we know that every dollar raised has resulted in an additional $ 7.00 of funding for research. Pedal has been able to fund innovative ideas that are moving us toward a world without cancer.

This year has been especially sad as we lost Ari to neurobalstoma. Ari was a huge part of of team spirit. We won?t be the same without her enthusiasm and smile. We ride in memory of Ari and all those we have lost.

It time to suit up and show up. Please register and/or rejoin us this year in our fight against cancer.

I'm confident that Frank would be horribly embarrassed by the attention that his name has garnered, but when he saw that all the attention was for a better future - a future without cancer, that would be OK with him. What is the future that you want? Join us..


We don't have any donations yet. Why not give us a push and get us started?