Why We ride: Hi everyone and welcome to Frank the Tank 2016 Pedal the Cause!

As most of you know we had the support of George Danis last year and we are happy to report that George is currently kicking cancer in the butt and is enjoying the life of a happy and healthy boy! A good part of our growth last year came from the friends and family from the Danis clan and their spirit has made FTT stronger.

So this year we are yet again partnering with another awesome kid that has got the spunk and fight of true FTT warrior! Let me introduce everyone to Arianna! Arianna has been waging a battle with Neuroblastoma - a particularly nasty version of this most heinous disease. But despite this set back "Ari" has shown the courage and spirit of a kid that refuses to accept defeat and has flourished through this diagnosis with laughter and fortitude. In the spirit of Ari we are adding the power of pink to this years team colors, it's our new statement that says: "yes real fighters wear pink" and, in the fight against Cancer, any and all weapons will be used, including hot pink!

It time to suit up and show up. Please register and/or rejoin us this year in our fight against cancer.

I'm confident that Frank would be horribly embarrassed by the attention that his name has garnered, but when he saw that all the attention was for a better future - a future without cancer, that would be OK with him. What is the future that you want? Join us..

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