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Lifetime total: $494477.1500

Team Captain: Taulby Roach

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Hi everyone and welcome to Frank the Tank 2017!

This will be our 5th year to ride Pedal the Cause. In that time, our team has raised $395,000. And, we know that every dollar raised has resulted in an additional $ 7.00 of funding for research. Pedal has been able to fund innovative ideas that are moving us toward a world without cancer.

The team has also suffered some losses this year. Paul Entwistle passed just a few weeks ago. Paul was a high school friend of Frank's. He and his wife Terry supported our team for the first three years. Last year, Paul began his own battle with cancer. He chose to register as a virtual rider and raised over $7,000 in two weeks. Terry has continued the fight as a virtual rider this year in his name. We are honoring Paul on our jersey this year with his favorite saying: "everything is going to be alright".

We also lost Scott Safron earlier this year. Scott's sister, Stacey has ridden with us for several years. She is also one of Frank's long time friends from high school.

On the bright side, we are riding for Ari again this year. She has an amazing warrior princess spirit. Fight like Ari, always with a smile!

It time to suit up and show up. Please register and/or rejoin us this year in our fight against cancer.

I'm confident that Frank would be horribly embarrassed by the attention that his name has garnered, but when he saw that all the attention was for a better future - a future without cancer, that would be OK with him. What is the future that you want? Join us..


We don't have any donations yet. Why not give us a push and get us started?