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Thomas Lorenz was a typical young boy the first 3 years of his life. He went to preschool with his friends, he was always inventing new games to play, enjoyed playing outside and snuggling up with his brother and sister while watching a movie. Little could anyone imagine that his body would develop Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

One day, Thomas' parents received a telephone call from the babysitter that Thomas had a terrible croup-like cough. His mom and dad immediately took him to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital Emergency Room in which he received his diagnosis after many tests.

Literally, overnight, the Lorenz family was forever changed. Thomas was battling a disease that would put him through pain and struggle. Nothing could prepare a family for this sudden change, but the love and compassion that poured out from family, friends, neighbors, hospital staff, and even complete strangers helped to make an impossible situation a little more bearable. With a team of brilliant and kind doctors providing a treatment plan, caring nurses being there for every need, and the positive influences all around him, Thomas and his family felt loved and the sadness and frustration then turned into courage and determination.

Thomas' stay at Cardinal Glennon is the story of a boy who didn't realize that he had the super powers needed to battle a life-threatening illness. With his many doctors, nurses, hospital staff, friends, and family in his corner, Thomas, an ordinary boy, turned into Super Thomas, a mighty hero capable of battling most any foe, including cancer!

Super Thomas continues his fight due in no small part to the awe-inspiring advances in medical technology and cancer research.

With the support of his family, friends, medical team, and others, Super Thomas moves closer to vanquishing his foe with every battle.


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