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We are deeply saddened to hear the news of Don Finnegan's passing on August 24, 2019.

Don's family are in our thoughts and prayers as are remembering Don and honoring him as we ride for our friend, and former employee at Enterprise.

Don's story . . .

Don had acute pancreatitis in November 2016 with complications due to accidental perforation of his bile duct during one of the procedures. He got septic twice and had to be in and out of procedures and surgeries. The last surgery had the doctor just close up his stomach and the doctor said he does not like to operate on a dead person. We took him home with 3 drains, TPN, 2 IVs for antibiotics, insulin shots, etc. By Gods mercy, with lots of prayers, his body healed. Praise God! Even the doctors were amazed and considered him a miracle. A few months later, he had to have another surgery for an incisional hernia since due to malnourishment, his surgery wounds didn't heal well. On August 31, 2017, Don went for his last surgery and they placed a mesh on his abdominal wall.
The last few months of this year, Don started getting more abdominal pain, lost weight and had distention. After a series of testing, we received the results of Don's last biopsy on May 21st. He tested positive for metastatic pancreatic cancer that spread to his lungs already and is considered stage 4. Surgery is not an option. Appreciate prayers for Gods miraculous intervention, healing for his complete body even now as he did it the last time. We know he is more than able to do it again.

Don's health has been fully restored in the arms of His Lord! We had a great day with him yesterday. It was a miracle! See the pictures below. It was amazing. He got to go outside for lunch looking so cool by the pool! Then later in the afternoon, he asked for the loveseat to be placed outside. Theresa, my sister-in-law, took a picture of us "Lovebirds on the loveseat"! It was precious. He waited for Sarah and Jennah to come home around 11:00 pm before he went to bed. He got to hear how the girls got settled in New York! Later that evening, he started having a hard time breathing. Hannah, Sarah and Uncle Tom (his brother) helped to get him to the hospital bed by his office. Hannah took his BP at 90/70. Around 3:30 am we woke up the younger sisters, Jennah and Aleah, and each of the girls had a time with Dad to just talk to him and tell everything they needed to say to Dad. Around 5:00 am Don told me to send them to bed. His breathing started getting normal and sleeping, I fell asleep getting ready to send our Caring bridges update by his bed. I woke up at 7:00 am, and he was gone! Just like that! But God answered all of Don?s requests, to pass away peacefully at home and with all the girls. Thank you so much for your prayers!

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