Why We ride: In 2014, it didn't seem too unusual for Sarah Schindler to go to yet another doctor visit, when an astute general practitioner recommended additional testing on a small lump in her lymph nodes. After all, being ill was not something new to Sarah, who has seen more than her fair share of doctors while dealing with debilitating headaches since her early teens. But the diagnosis of Stage 2 Hodgkins-Lymphoma was still a startling reality to face for someone who was just 19.

Sarah's mother Jane, and her father, Enterprise Holdings Network Engineer, Anthony Schindler, have seen their daughter garner a maturity over the past two years that only comes from battling cancer as a young adult. They watched as any sign of that stubborn teenage streak in Sarah's personality quickly dissipated while she faced the terrible physical effects of her first round of chemo in 2014. They celebrated with her as she was deemed to be in remission for a full year.

Today, at age 21, Sarah is considered a high risk cancer patient because her Stage 2 Hodgkins-Lymphoma has returned. Earlier this year she started an aggressive treatment plan, starting with another challenging round of chemo, followed most recently by a stem cell transplant requiring a 3 week stay at Siteman Cancer Center. Next up is a course of radiation.

Through these trials Sarah has remained stoic, and resoundingly independent. Though forced to take a semester off from her studies at SIUE, she has fought through each step of treatment in order to keep up with her master plan to obtain a degree in Social Work. Her parents say she still radiates positivity and is not fearful of anything that comes across her path.

One of the scariest moments for Anthony & Jane was realizing their daughter (who they will always consider their little girl) is truly an adult who must make her own decisions regarding which cancer treatments to pursue. They can encourage and counsel her to choose the next recommended treatment, but must respect and recognize that Sarah has to make each decision for herself. It?s a place no parent wants their child to be, and that is why we ride.

We ride so that other young adults continue to have access to cutting edge cancer treatment, right here in St. Louis. The Schindler family feels fortunate that Siteman Cancer Center is right in our own backyard, providing quality treatment for so many facing this frightening diagnosis. We ride so that more effective treatments will be discovered. We ride to fund groundbreaking research. Please help support our team, so we can support those who will ultimately help other patients, just like Sarah.

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