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Tarlton has been supporting and fighting with Pedal the Cause since its inception. In the past, we have ridden and volunteered in honor of one of our own that we lost to cancer, Jeff Wampler. This year we're fighting for another of our own, Oliver Coulson.

This is not Oliver's first battle; about 12 years ago he had Ewing's Sarcoma in his right shoulder. After about a year of chemo and one major surgery to remove the tumor, Oliver was in good health for about a decade. Two years ago, however, a nasty bout of pneumonia revealed new tumors in his lungs. He's been kicking cancer's butt since then!

Recently, however, new tumors were discovered on his brain and spine. Oliver's fight continues. His uplifting attitude inspires everyone around him. This year we ride, volunteer and fight alongside him. Oliver, this ride's for you! #OLIVERSTRONG

You can read about Oliver's battle to victory here:
Oliver's Cancer Journal Part 2


Waterhout Construction
TJ Wies Contracting, Inc
Jos. Ward Painting Co.
Kupferer Bros Inc.
Rich Gullet & Sons, Inc.
Irwin Products, Inc.
Friend Acoustical Ceiling Co
Laura Lusson