Why We ride: We are proud to be joining Pedal the Cause in the fight against cancer. We know that it takes world-class research to create a world without cancer. And by participating in Pedal the Cause, we know that 100% of our donations will go directly to accelerating cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Join us by registering for our team or making a donation today.

Our Donations:

Stifel Bake Sale![check pledged]
Mark Barron
Beth Hyser
Primal Wear

Our Members: 95 riders, 4 spinners, 3 kids challenge participants, 1 virtual rider, 3 volunteers

Sam Abeles

Suzanne Agin

Holly Bane

Dan Bayer

Michelle Becker

Matt Bell

Lesa Bergman

Jessica Bitting

Liam Bitting

Thomas Bitting

Zoey Bitting

Daniel Bohn

David Borella

Kit Borella

Joe Boyd

Precious Boyd

Dana Braet

Joe Brockhaus

Laura Brundick

Christian Bugyis

Emily Callahan

Joe Callahan

Brent Cantor

Shane Cohn

Pamela Cointin

K Conner

D.J. Dowd

Marc Duncan

Erika Enstrom

Rebecca Esrock

Paul Fagyal

michelle faust

Donald Foster


Brian Gebken

William Grebenc

John Haffenreffer

Laurie Haffenreffer

Rick Hawkes

Julie Hawkins

Raymond Hays

Richard Hays

Pamela Henry

Charlie Hillemann

Michelle Hillemann

Bonnie Hopper

Daniel Hopper

David Hopper

Jean Hopper

Jessie Hopper

Patty Hopper

Ronnie Hopper

Tommy Hopper

Tonya Hopper

Kelly Howard

Richard Hunkins

Rodney Krause

Bob Lambiase

Jenna Lambiase

Sheila Lambiase

David Lanson

Maryann Manion

Stacie Martin

Timothy Martin

Nicole Metzler

Taylor Mikell

scott moore

James Moriarty

John Myers

Allen Nguyen

James Nguyen

Ross Nickel

Tyler O'Brien


Kristen Rehm

Ann Reichert

Chris Reichert

Edward Reiling

Mark Rice

Lauren Ryan

Phil Ryan

Greg Schadegg

Robert Schafer

Michael Scherer

Adam Schwind

Debbi Seelman

Kevin Seelman

Chad Shank

Angela Shepard

Ryan Siebers

Bridget Sliney

David Sliney

Dean Sliney

Jeff Soebbing

Curtis Stahl

Shelbey Stuckmeyer

Nick Tabor

Adam Tarvin

Paul Tesser

Keith Thompson

Lisa Walden

Carol Westrich

Ryan Wisnasky

Tim Young

Julie Zlotopolski

Nick Zlotopolski

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