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Dear AmFam Family!

I am proud to launch and co-captain Team AmFam with Eldina LaBranche as the AmFam Family continues the fight to end all cancers through our backing of innovative research at Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children?s Hospital.

Pedal the Cause is an annual charity bike ride every September that benefits St. Louis-based Siteman Cancer Center, with 100% of all dollars raised going to the world-class research scientists at Washington University School of Medicine for some of the most innovative and promising cancer research being undertaken anywhere in the world. Our goal is for a world without cancer. You and your loved ones will benefit from dollars raised no matter where you call home, where you might go for cancer treatment. Breakthroughs and cures are exported for the benefit of all!

Team AmFam is looking to engage active participation and fundraising from across the country, with concerted effort in the Tri-State area (Missouri-Illinois-Iowa). Participation comes in many forms, all of which is done through the Pedal website and Team AmFam. No matter which option you choose, you will be an active and important member of Team AmFam.

Consider what type of registration/participation is best for you, your family, your colleagues, your clients:

In-Person Bike Ride in St. Louis Sep 24-25 ? choose between 10 courses (10-100 miles) on road or gravel.
In-Person Spin Session in St. Louis Sep 25 ? choose between 3 one-hour sessions on a spin bike
Virtual/Remote (Inspired) Participation Anywhere in the Country Sep 24-25 ? choose your activity (run, walk, fish, bike, hike, swim, spin, Peloton) and your location (where ever you plan to be)
Volunteer in St. Louis Sep 23,24,25 ? there are hundreds of volunteer options at the Ride and Athlete Village

Once you register, you will have your own participant profile that you can personalize with a picture and a message to your friends, family and all other potential donors stating why this is a cause you are actively supporting, actively raising money for. The dollars you raise are tracked on your profile and add to the Team AmFam total. We create a world without cancer through our collective effort, through our team effort.

Why am I co-captain for team AmFam? My sweet cousin Denise (Neese) lost her battle with cancer 7 years ago. My dad (Pops) is 92 years young. He was diagnosed with breast cancer 26 years ago and through cutting-edge treatment and research, is cancer-free. The point is, there are too many people suffering and being lost to cancer in America. I joined the Board of Directors of Pedal the Cause in 2020 to raise awareness and money for those fighting bravely and for those we have lost. Team AmFam is determined to make a difference and bravely willing to dream of a world without cancer. For that dream to become a reality, we need you!
Whether you are a registered participant or considering supporting a participant with a donation, you can give of your time and money with confidence knowing that 100% of all donations go directly to innovative cancer research at Washington University in St. Louis' Siteman Cancer Center. The best scientific minds in the world are putting your dollars to live-saving use.

Eldina and I appreciate your consideration and support!





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