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Team Suthy's Super Heroes is all about bravery and facing your fears! Both Zach and I have close family who have passed from cancer, and we know very well what can happen when the disease takes its course. But just like in the fantasy Super Hero v. Villain fights, the outcome is not always clear and the "odds" often do not actually matter. What matters in the end, is discovering the power inside of you. It's there!! Even when you feel overcome-- I can promise you that. Now it is simply your job to follow through with your call to action. Which I hope is used to protect the lives around you by becoming a super hero for our team!!
In an attempt to have some fun in this tough scenario, we have decided to have our teammates each choose a super hero that they most identify with. And then to dress as that hero for the race if they're up for it! If you're not into costumes, no worries, but you all should know that I [Jess] will be decked out in my costume for the PTC 10 mile circuit-- rain or shine. I chose Lady Sif as my hero/alter ego because she is warrior when the time comes, but does not go out to the other galaxies looking for a fight. She is fierce, beautiful, believes in love and knows how to battle! Also, let's be honest, I love her outfit and her enchanted sword.
My point being, if there is a time in your life for awesome alter-egos, it's now. Your attitude and focus on getting our STL scientists the resources they need, directly affects our whole community [and way beyond]

***If it was your love/child/spouse/elder who needed your support, what super hero would you become?***

Join us by registering for our team or making a donation today! Make sure to add our teams hashtags to any photos you take while race training or doing other super hero activities.
#suthyssuperheroes #worldwithoutcancer #morethanarace #PTC19 #pedalfamily #cancercuringbike #nogood

PS LADIES here is a link to some cool female super heroes that you may not have heard of [yet].
Most Powerful Female Super Heroes




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