Why We ride: We ride because we are Powered by Hope. We are inspired by the vision that one day there will be a world without cancer. So join us, whether you ride with us in person, in the spinning tent or virtually, your support will go a long way. In fact, 100 percent of your contribution will go directly to support cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital.

This year Team Powered By Hope's 2017 Ride for a Child was a beautiful, energetic, fun-loving little boy named Leo. He loved Star Wars, Super Heroes and playing outside when he was feeling well. Leo was diagnosed in January of 2017 with High Risk T-cell ALL, and sadly after months of fighting, he lost his battle on Friday, August 4th He was surrounded by his family; 2 older sisters, Ella (11) and Mia (7), and his Mom, who is an infusion nurse at Siteman West County. We will ride to honor the memory of our brave little 'Leo the Lion' and do our best to surround his family with the love, support and hope that comes with being a member of this team!

Of course we would never forget to ride for Allison, our petite princess; Peyton, our unstoppable bundle of energy; DJ, our kind and loving not-so-little boy; and Kaitlyn, our growing teenager!

Join us by registering for our team or making a donation today!

Together we are Powered By Hope!

Our Donations:

Go! St. Louis Marathon Team Fundraising
Don Collette
Sidney Street Cafe, Give a Donation Day
Peacemaker LLC, Give a Donation Day

Our Members: 118 riders, 7 spinners, 25 kids challenge participants, 10 virtual riders, 6 volunteers

Taylor Anderson

Tracy Anderson

Rylie Andrews

Luis Anglo

Maria Anglo

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Sean Axtetter

Shelley Axtetter

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Allison Balch

Andy Balch

Peggy Balch

Stephanie Bauer

Patti Baygents

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Lisa Berra

Tom Berra

Jennifer Bochantin

Rochelle Boyer

Gina Bussmann

Chelsea Carroll

Colleen Caul

Chad Centorbi

Christian Centorbi

Isabella Centorbi

Viviana Centorbi

Susan Chambless

Ava Champion

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Megan Champion

Adria Concannon

Hadley Cooper

Jerry Cooper

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Christy Davidson

Sue DeBellis

Mike DeSalvo

Teresa Deshields

Diane Duenez

Pat Dulle

Brad Eastman

Melissa Eckert-Zigrang

Jeff Eddy

Jean Edmonds

Maizie Ellingsen

Chris Filcoff

David Fischer

Allison Ford

Emily Ford

Sara Foster

christy fry

Paul Fullerton

Julia Germanese-Clark

Alaina Goodman

Dave Griege

Kati Griege

kyle griege

Teri Griege

Chris Griesedieck

Luca Gruszka

Tammy Guentz

claire harter

Charlie Hayes

Glenn Heitmann

Maureen Heitmann

Claire Hornberger

Jack Hornberger

Nathan Hornberger

Aaron Hughes

Cliff Hungerford

Jan Hungerford

Susan Iverson

Dennis James

Joan James

Margaret Kaplan

Michaela Karandzieff

Richard Kellner


Mary W Klauke

Kara Kozlowski

Barb Kraus

Jane Kraus

Elaine Krul

David Lask

Gabby Lautenschlager

Lanny Lautenschlager

Steffani Lautenschlager

Sydney Lautenschlager

Peg Lee

Erik Lescher

Betty Lewis

Dominic Licata

Myra Link-Kovacs

Tammy Linn

Andy Mayberry

Nancy McGee

Terry Meletio

Elizabeth Mesker

Lynne Mollahan

Elaine Morrato

Jeffrey Mues

Sean Mulqueeny

Ben Murtha

Colin Murtha

Tina Murtha

Jen Myers

Nina Naes

Terri Nappier

Max Nashan

Miles Nashan

Mina Nashan

Nicole Newman

Margaret Niemann

Kevin ODonnell

Jane Patterson

Katrina Pon

Mary Pritchard

Mieka Puzniak

Susan Richmond

Nikki Riley

Michelle Scheipeter

Barbara Schmank

Michael Schmank

Abigail Schoemehl

Shona Scott

Emily Sedlak

Chip Self

Drew Selman

ariel shifter

Mark Siebels

Bob Steinback

Carla Stephens

Ann Sullivan

Brian Sullivan

Mike Sullivan

Catherine Tansey

Nicole Tanurchis

Jeanelle Taverni

Yvonne Trudeaux

Eve Trudeaux-Curtis

Renee Van Horn

Roger Van Horn

Gary Vonderhaar

Tina Vonderhaar

Diana Votaw

Warren Waldmann

Mike Wallace

Rhonda Walsh

Cal Weisman

Doug Weisman

Marjorie Weisman

Jeff Wheeler

Jeremy Whittington

Ryan Whittington

Gail Wilkerson

Geoff Wolf

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Kelly Wuennenberg

Peyton Wuennenberg

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Emma Wyeth

Jack Wyeth

Jeff Wyeth

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