I'm riding: PTC Classic

Team: Ride BBD

ID: 96893

Lifetime total: $1,430.00

Start time: 9:15 AM - Wave 2

I am riding In Honor of My dad.


In November 2015, I got the call from my dad letting me know that he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Luckily, the drive from SLU to home was a quick one, so hearing this while I was at college wasn't as awful as a call some other families have had to make. Hearing that he was diagnosed with cancer was earth-shattering, but I'm proud to say that I am the son of a fighter turned survivor. Watching his progress as he fought and recovered in early 2016, to then training for his first PTC race in September of that year was inspiring, and I'm supporting him and Ride BBD by riding and raising money to aid the fight.

Being a part of team Ride Big Black Dog also allows me to honor our late black lab, Rex. He was right there next to my dad during his fight with cancer, and his unconditional love was the backbone that we all could rely on. We all miss him so much, but I know he's going to be there with us on the day of PTC.

Many have beat this disease, and many have not. I am part of the fight against a world with cancer, and any dollar donated to me or any PTC rider is a dollar straight to Siteman Cancer Center. In support of my dad and others like him, I ask you to please donate to my profile.

Thank you!