I'm riding: Big Hitter

Team: Express Scripts

ID: 96014

Lifetime total: $4,939.00

I am riding In Memory of Tim Coughlin.

I am riding In Honor of Bill Coughlin, Lynn Shady, Kathy Grabowski.


For most of my life cancer was something I didn't think a lot about. I was very fortunate that no one in my immediate family had been diagnosed. That changed a few years ago when my grandfather and his strong, energetic presence began diminishing at an alarming rate. It was a mystery. He was too young for it to simply be old age. Something was very wrong. Within a few months he had passed from pancreatic cancer. Sadly, our family had now joined the ranks by those intimately touched by this tragic disease. 

Then last year my mom and godmother were both diagnosed with breast cancer. After an intense year of treatment they are both now cancer-free.

For this, it is for the countless women who came before them and the support of the people that loved them that we must be thankful. It was their love and financial support for medical research that led to advancements in treatments that allowed them to recover.  

Too many others are not so lucky.

I ride to raise funds that will continue the advancement of research in detection and treatment so that those who are diagnosed with any form of cancer might have the same positive prognosis that my mom had and hopefully, one day, a cure. The reason Pedal the Cause is the event I chose is because 100% of your generous donations go towards funding research projects with that goal at Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kids.

Thank you for your support.
- Bob