I'm riding: PTC Classic

Team: Gyn Onc Teal on Wheels

ID: 95813

Lifetime total: $19,080.73


I am riding for all my past, present, and future Teal Sisters. Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer is a formidable enemy. We need a cure! So little funding goes to gynecological/oncology diseases. I have had so many people ask me, What can I do to help?. THIS is what you can do. I can fight month after month only for so long. This is a personal race for me and I hope they find a treatment plan in the near future that either extends my life or cures me. The treatment I am getting has not changed in 30 years! The 5 year survival rate for Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer is 5-10%. Imagine being told in 5 years only 5-10 people out of 100 will be alive. If I can attempt to ride 20 miles after 3 surgeries, 18 weeks of Chemo, a recurrence, another surgery and 6 more months of chemo over a 3 year period, I know you can volunteer, give or ride to help raise money needed for further research. I set my goal low but really want to raise thousands of dollars. Come ride with me and my team, Gyn Onc Teal on Wheels. I am very exited to have a new goal besides living longer. This money funds research for ALL CANCERS. The goal is to have a world without cancer. Please help me in this journey by donating to my ride, and give with confidence knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly to accelerating cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital Cancer Center.

I love you and thank you in advance for your continued support. Sandi Essner