I'm riding: Big Hitter

Team: RGA Changing Gears

ID: 95717

Lifetime total: $2,895.75


If you have never been afflicted with or watched someone suffer and/or die from cancer, you are indeed fortunate. I pray that you never do. If a disease can be classified as pure evil - this one is it. Cancer knows no boundary, respects no age, no race, no lifestyle or sex. It usually starts small and quite, without warning or detection. Then, if not caught, spreads throughout the body consuming and chocking the very life from it. It is a most hideous and cruel way to die.

It effects not only the victim, but their family and love ones as well. Personally, I've watch cancer take the life of my wife, father, his brother, my grandfathers, and other family members and friends.

This past spring I was diagnosed with Colon cancer. Thanks to the great team at Barnes/Siteman it was caught early and I expect to make full recovery.

Notice the tie I'm wearing in the picture. Last year I wore it on a bet to raise more money. This year if I reach $1,000 the tie rides again. At $2,000 I'll even wear a dress shirt and slacks to go with it.