Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Hamburg Hammer and Metric Century

Team: Greg's Fancy Foxes

ID: 871

Lifetime total: $25,667.00

I am riding In Memory of Wendy Levy, Kathy Haring, Fran Lalieve, Greg Fox.


I'm sad seeing family, friends, and acquaintances get sick and die from cancer. I hate seeing friends sick from radiation and chemotherapy.

I love this ride. It is about community and fighting cancer through donations, research, and perseverance.

We're all like ducks in a shooting gallery and cancer strikes randomly. I may be next to get the diagnosis or it may be you.

In the meantime, we can all work towards supporting research to improve everybody's chances of cure or survival.

In past years, I've ridden for specific folks. While there too many here to list, I dedicated my last ride to Lulu Cox. Lulu is a friend of ours in Steamboat, she's 36 with 2 small children and a husband. She's in remission due to successful chemo.

This year, I'm riding for the memory of my friend Greg Fox , Kathy Haring, Wendy Levy and Fran Lalive. Greg, who I knew since he was 8 at Camp Sabra, died from Pancreatic Cancer. Kathy was my secretary for 35 years and she died from colon cancer. Wendy was my sister in law and she died from breast cancer. Fran is a friend in Steamboat and she died from gallbladder cancer. I'm also riding in honor of our dear Steamboat friend Susan Schupp who is bravely battling cancer as you read this.

I'll bet you can list some people you know who have died from, are treating for or have been in remission from cancer.

Please support the ride, the riders and all of our friends and family fighting this dreaded disease. Make a donation to me or somebody else who has solicited you or to everyone who asks.

Paying it forward is the way to be.

Best regards,