Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: PTC Road Classic

Team: Pfizer Blue Riders

ID: 86640

Lifetime total: $31,136.71

I am riding In Memory of Ginny Martin.


I ride to support Pedal the Cause in honor of my Mother. On September 25th I will be angel guided but equally motivated and inspired to help impact the many survivors, patients, doctors, researchers, friends and family members impacted by cancer. Each of us are touched by cancer and have our own unique cancer stories. Through these personal experiences we are changed and gain perspective. Pedal the Cause is making a significant difference in the world of cancer research.

In a period of diminished federal funding Pedal the Cause funds support research on proven concepts and new best-in-breed ideas that often turn into groundbreaking new treatments, early detection diagnostics, prevention and cures. It is the hope of Pedal the Cause that funded research will ultimately lead to finding cancer cures.

As I cross the starting line it will be my Mother's strength that guides me forward and reminds me of the importance of living generously and making positive impacts on others. My Mother taught us to love, spread kindness, find joy, have faith even in the darkest moments and always hold on to hope.

Pedal the Cause is so much more than a biking adventure. Thousands show up either by riding or donating to help invest in cancer research. 100% of all donations go directly towards much needed cancer research. Thanks in advance for those who contribute, ride or provide supportive thoughts.

There is still much to accomplish. Together we can make a difference. Thank you for supporting this important mission.

In FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, Sarah