Sheri Schneider-Dicker

Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Pedal Pacer

Saturday Start time:

Sunday Start time: 8:45 am

Team: Greg's Fancy Foxes

ID: 84023

Lifetime total: $4,613.00

I am riding In Memory of Milton M. Schneider, Charlene Schneider, Roberta Fishman, and Greg Fox.

I am riding In Honor of Patty Cohen.


The sun in my eyes, wind on my back and the warmth in my heart, lucky me... On Saturday, I rode my bike 54 miles and I feel great; however, I haven't forgotten; it hasn't faded, and I won't forget. A bald head, no eye lashes or brows, more needles, chemo resulting in painful nausea, another surgery, burning of the skin from radiation, pain in my bones. Unfortunately, too many of us know the drill or someone who has experienced this; Cancer. Cancer has not left us. Cancer is alive and still taking many lives with pain and suffering physically and emotionally.
As some of you may recall my note a few years ago: On December 20, 1999, I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. My son just turned 2 years old and my twin girls just turned 3. I sat down on my couch and stared. I asked G-d for one thing. I asked to please let me live long enough to raise my children. This December 20th, 2022, I hope to be blessed to reach 23 years since diagnosis. At what age, determines when your children are raised? What age do they not need you? What age do you not need them? Without being ungrateful, I'm asking for more time?
I am not celebrating, I am not proud, I am just grateful. I am grateful that I have been able to witness Cancer treatment that was in Trial become Protocol, Surgery that was nonexistent become an Option, and Preventative Anti-Nausea medications that I hear now, actually Work! This was definitely not the scenario 23 years ago. These are all outcomes of Medical Research.
I realize how blessed I am as I have seen many who have lost their battle to cancer; my father, my best friends husband, aunt, cousins, co-workers and unfortunately, many more.
Anyone who knows me well knows how many surgeons, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, radiologist, and hospitals I interviewed at diagnosis. That followed by intense research, and my phone calls became limited to only those who were medically inclined. I had an aggressive tumor and I was young.
My strength and endurance became solid like a rock. I was not giving up and I was determined not to leave any stone unturned. I began my research!
The main reason I believe I am here today is due to my conscientious doctors, advanced research and State of the Art Technology.
The reason for my story is to remind you that without research, we are without answers, and without funds, we are without research.
Asking for donations is not something that I am comfortable doing; however, I believe that unfortunately most people know or have known someone who has been affected by cancer and I am praying that your donation will help that person or that persons family.
No amount is too small. Every amount is greatly appreciated. 100 percent of your donation will support Siteman Cancer Center and Children's Hospital in St. Louis.
Thank you for taking the time to help me help fight cancer.
If you are interested in making a donation to help me reach my goal for Pedal the Cause, please copy and paste the link below.
My team is Greg's Fancy Foxes.
With much appreciation, gratitude, and gratefulness,