I'm riding: Metric Century

Team: Guarantee Electrical

ID: 81451

Lifetime total: $4,225.00

Start time: 07:30 AM

I am riding In Memory of Jim and Eddie Greubel.

I am riding In Honor of Allan F. Hall & Charles A. Schoen.


I am committing to ride for Pedal the Cause again in 2019 and I need your help. So many close friends are battling this terrible disease. So many of their loved ones are suffering along with them as they fight the good fight. And sadly, so many have been lost.

And so I feel compelled to help, even if it seems like such a small thing. Those whom we've lost will always be in our hearts. And they can rest peacefully as we continue their fight. For those in the heat of the battle, I'm with you and riding for you. And for those heartbroken from loss, I'm so sorry. I love you all!

If you are able to contribute, I thank you for your support. If you are unable, no worries! All I'd ask is that you pray for those who are currently fighting cancer, for those who are suffering with them in their fight, for the souls of those we've lost, for the awesome caregivers who tireless work for their healing, and for those working diligently for a cure to end cancer.