Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: The Beast

Team: Clayco

ID: 81245

Lifetime total: $6,712.10

I am riding In Memory of Ronald Rolfes Jr..


It is hard to even state how much this ride means to my family and I.

In February of 2012, my father, my role model, my rock, began to feel pain in his abdominal region. Like any else in Ron Rolfes' life, this pain seemed like a minor hiccup from living with 2 brothers his whole life to the numerous injuries from his college football career. But unfortunately, it turned out to be much worse. My father, in February of 2012, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the colon that had spread to his lungs and liver. At 47 years old how could this be possible? How could the strongest man in my life get destroyed so easily by this disease?

But the man i knew kept pushing through for a solution. Given a 3% survival rate, my father pushed and after 6 surgeries including liver and colon resection and two lung surgeries, 18 Chemo treatments, countless scans, and blood tests, He was pronounced 1 year clear in March of 2015. But as 2016 came, My father was facing cancer again as it came back.

Through these numerous Chemo treatments in 2016, I received one of the worst calls a brother could receive on a Saturday afternoon while sitting next to my father. My brother, Thomas Rolfes, was killed senselessly in a shooting in New Orleans. Thomas was a mentor in my life and his future was so bright. Everyday i live in the honor of him. I ride to continue his fight for my father alongside my father and my brother, Tripp, in his honor and with a new angel looking over us. I will forever love you, Thomas Brandon.

Update 2019: My father continues Chemotherapy treatments called "maintenance" to keep the cancer in control. From 2012 to 2019, there has been so much change in my family's life: both of my grandfathers passed away, my brother was killed, and Tripp, Tessa, and I were beginning different chapters in our life. But throughout it all, one thing has stayed constant: my Father's positivity. He does not miss work, he does not complain, and does not let this terrible disease affect his lifestyle. Through everything, My mother and father have kept our family as close as it has ever been and I am extremely grateful everyday to be able to spend time with them. I always tell my dad we are playing "on house money" because no one thought he would ever get to this place.

Throughout this journey, Biking brought extreme joy to my father. Through his friend group of Todd Pratt, Troy Pratt, Connor Pratt, Tom Charles, & Tony Sudekum, I saw my father fighting to get out there each day, whether he felt like shit or not, because this group of men had a camaraderie that was unparalleled. They may never know it but these men helped my father be in the position he is in today. I will never be able to thank them enough. RIP Tony.

Through hardships in my own life, I went from biking basically only the Pedal for the Cause each year to now biking 2-3 times a week as a full blown hobby. Through many rides with my father and his friends, I began to realize the importance of putting away your phone, pushing your body to a place you never believed was possible, and maybe enjoying a couple beers afterwards. Throughout the last 8 years, I have witnessed my father suffer without complaining and now it is my turn. I will be riding 100 miles on September 29th.

I thank all the doctors, nurses, friends, family, and Clayco for helping aid us through such a difficult time and helping my family keep our loved one.

Cancer has affected my family's life so greatly and with such a great support system, We will beat cancer.
Yield to None. Stronger Always.

I RIDE FOR Tom E, Ron R, and Greg T. and many others who are facing this terrible disease or have lost their battle.
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