Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Metric Century

Team: Team Edward Jones

ID: 80981

Lifetime total: $44,110.00


My name is Tony Boudreau. I'm a 65 year-old (66 by ride time) avid bicyclist, and I've been an Edward Jones Financial Advisor for over 28 years. For the seventh year I'm riding in Pedal the Cause in St. Louis to help fund cancer research to find cures and treatments for this terrible disease that has afflicted so many people that I know and love, and that has taken too many of their lives.

I'm happy to say that after a 3 year hiatus from riding in PTC due to some personal medical reasons and two seasons of COVID shutdowns that I'm back and rearing to go.

As I've learned about the important and groundbreaking work of the doctors and research staff of the Siteman Center and their affiliated St. Louis area hospitals, I've also realized that there will never be that day when we will hear on the evening news that THE cure for cancer has been found. I now realize that the exciting and substantial work that these good and talented people are doing will result in MANY cures for the various types and expressions of this terrible disease.

When I visit St. Louis and participate in this unbelievably inspiring event, I am moved to continue my participation in and support of this worthy and important project. What impresses me most is that the Siteman Cancer Research Center and St. Louis Childrens Hospital conduct research in the cutting edge area of autoimmune therapies that alter and train the body to attack cancer without the use of harsh and often damaging chemotherapy drugs. I've learned that since these promising treatments don't involve pharmaceuticals, that interest in funding research for such treatments from pharmaceutical companies is limited. In other words, Siteman and Childrens need private support more than ever. I've also learned that the Siteman Center is a very good steward of our donations. By adopting the 100% model, where all fundraising expenses are born by sponsors, 100% of our donations go to research. Additionally Siteman is currently receiving $7 in matching funding for every $1 of funds we raise, making our efforts go a very long way toward this extremely worthwhile fight. Now that's something I can get behind!

I train and ride all year to be in top form to ride the Metric Century ride through those BIG Eastern Missouri hills, and the inspiration that my supporters give me really helps me make those grades.

Knowing the feeling of satisfaction of completing a challenging bike ride and the fun of experiencing new places and people, is how I express my love for the sport while leading a team from our region and 5-region area here in South Louisiana to travel to St. Louis to participate.

For the last several years when I've asked, our region members and their families have helped us by financially supporting Pedal The Cause effort. Their continued generosity and commitment this effort inspires me even more to work and achieve more for PTC. I can't begin to thank them enough.

So enough of me talking. It's time to clip in and roll!