I'm riding: Big Hitter

Team: Ride BBD

ID: 79213

Lifetime total: $26,165.00

Start time: 8:15 AM - Wave 3

I am riding In Memory of Our Big Black Dog Rex, Steve Major and Brian McCoy.


Why do I ride? To support all of those who are in the fight. Aunt Jane, Liz, Melissa, Ryan and everyone else fighting!!

Meet Landon, our second Ride For A Child kiddo:
Landon, 13
Diagnosis, Leukemia
Landon loves movies, playing Uno, riding his bike, and swimming. He is a huge fan of Woody & Buzz Light Year and the Green Bay Packers. Since birth, Landon has lived with Down Syndrome and the different world that presents. Because of this, Landon has had the opportunity to be a shining light to so many hurting people. Landon shows Christ-Centered, unconditional love to everyone. This new diagnosis of Leukemia might be seen as an obstacle, but his family is looking at it as an opportunity to reach out and spread even more love to people they might not have ever been exposed to. This setback will be worth the fight!

This is my 4th year riding PTC and my 2nd with the Ride for a Child Program. I am so happy to say that our kiddo from last year, Gabe (pictured above with the Ride BBD Jersey) is riding with us this year to help the fight. I am a survivor and through PTC I know I can make a positive impact on supporting those who are fighting.

Help me fight this disease by supporting my ride. This year I am riding the metric century (65 miles) in memory of my dear friend Steve Major and in honor of Landon, Jane, Liz, Chris, Brian and Ryan.

Thank you for your support!