I'm riding: Metric Century

Team: Ride BBD

ID: 79213

Lifetime total: $21,610.00

I am riding In Memory of Steve Major.


I am riding again this year for Pedal the Cause. This will be my 4th ride and our 3rd Team Ride. Last year was amazing. As a team of 17 riders we raised over $25,000 to help battle this terrible disease. We also rode for our Warrior Gabe. Gabe is out of treatment and his tests remain very favorable, so your support helps!

We will be riding for another child with cancer this year. I couldn't imagine a better way to pay it forward then to ride with my friends and family and for a little kid going through treatments. Cancer sucks, and it affects so many people that we all probably know and love.

That is why I ride. I am 3 years cancer free this year, working on the 4th. I am going to ride the metric century ride this year. That?s 65 miles, something I have never done, but it will be with a heavy heart because I am dedicating my ride to my good friend Steve Major. Steve touched so many lives through his soccer coaching and by just being Steve-O. He lost the battle earlier this year. I was able to speak with him prior and we talked a lot about this ride and paying things forward. No sitting on the couch waiting for this to come, I am out training with Steve-O's voice in my ear.

So again, thank you for your support. I can?t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to do this. If you want to join our team, shoot me a note and let?s get you signed up! It will change your life in a very positive way, I promise!

Please help me honor those who lost, are battling and those that were touched by people like Steve so we can beat this disease!

Thank you for your support! Doug