Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: riding 50 miles

Team: Big Black Dog

ID: 79213

Lifetime total: $26,685.00

I am riding In Memory of Our Big Black Dog Rex, Steve Major, Brian McCoy and Landon Davenport.

I am riding In Honor of Aunt Jane, Liz, Melissa, Gabe and their families..


Why do I ride ?

Before my friend Steve passed away from brain cancer, I was fortunate enough to have a deep conversation with him about life. We called each other brothers, cancer was one of our connections. He asked me in his Steve-O way, why do you do all this bike riding? I told him two reasons: - one was that every time I am on my bike I am farther away from my cancerversary, and the second was that it is my pay forward. Steve unfortunately passed, cancer got him, but that conversation will be with me forever.

I am one of the lucky ones, and I told myself that I would do whatever I can to help those in need who are fighting this terrible disease.
Why not be part of the solution? Why not give back? Why not ride? The pay forward is why I do this, because you never know when you might have that last Steve-O conversations that stick with you forever.

This is my 5th year riding, 4th year with Team Big Black Dog (RIP Rex), our 3rd year participating with the Ride for a Child initiative and we are on a quest to hit the milestone mark of raising $100,000 as a team. Having the support of 20+ riders on our team will be super special this year and we all know that the $'s raised through your support go directly to research and funding.

That is why I ride! Cancer sucks! Let's find a cure!!