I'm riding: Big Hitter

Team: Our Mark on Melanoma

ID: 64888

Lifetime total: $30,352.50


If you know me, I do nothing small. This September, I'm riding 100 miles and raising $20,000 for cancer research!

You see...I could have gotten sick with a cold or the flu back in 1995. But no, I had to go big. Let's give a battle with Leukemia a try!

Well, it was three years of treatment until the final pill - January 7, 1999.

This year marks a major milestone in my life since I won that fight against leukemia - 20 years since my final treatment.

To celebrate, I'm doing what I love - riding my bike and raising money for cancer research.

You have been a part of this journey with me. Maybe you lived through it by my side, maybe you have heard my stories, maybe you have even made a tequila toast with me to celebrate on January 7. Whatever it is, help me mark this occasion be helping me accomplish my fundraising goal.

100% of your donation benefits Siteman Cancer Center and Washington University Children's Hospital in St. Louis. My brother-in-law, Ryan Fields, is on staff at Siteman, and I have come to know the team behind this amazing event personally. I have absolute trust that funds are used for their defined purpose, and I know how cancer research is shared. Just because the money stays in St. Louis doesn't mean the research and improved treatments don't make their way to Chicago or anywhere else in the US. It does. My survival is an example of how shared research saves lives everywhere.