I'm riding: Big Hitter

Team: Greg's Fancy Foxes

ID: 5047

Lifetime total: $11197.0000

Start time: 7:45 am - Wave 1

I am riding In Memory of Lynne Palan & Greg Fox.


Dear Friends & Family,

Once again, I am participating in this year's Pedal The Cause ride to raise funds for cancer research, and I ask for your support.

This year has been particularly tough with the loss of our friend, Lynne Palan. Lynne was the wife of Manne and mother to Griffin, Brody, and Tyler. Manne and Lynne were both very close friends to Greg Fox. Lynne lost her battle with breast cancer several months ago, so it makes this year's ride even more meaningful as I work toward raising money to fight cancer.

Lynne had a larger-than-life personality and touched almost everyone she met. She believed in supporting our community and dedicated her life to doing so. She worked tirelessly with Sharsheret in collaboration with Nishmah and the JCC St. Louis, to bring awareness to those affected by her type of cancer. The mission of Sharsheret ....is to offer support in the St. Louis community to survivors and women who have been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer, or, are at an increased genetic risk by fostering culturally-relevant, individualized connections with networks of peers, health professionals and related resources.

Just as in the past years, I ask that you support my ride in honor of my friends Lynne, Greg, and all the other people that are fighting, or have battled cancer.

So why do I ride? I ride because I am able to do so. I ride with the hope that my efforts, with your generosity, will provide the funds that eventually will help put an end to cancer. In the meantime, the cancer fighters are my inspiration, and those that we remember are my heroes for having endured the battle with amazing strength.

Thank you, in advance, for donating to my ride.

With kindest regards,