Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Pedal Pacer

Start time: 8:30 am

Team: Heads Up

ID: 46287

Lifetime total: $10,755.00

I am riding In Memory of Robert W. Chibnall, Mary Ann Wetzel, DanTrueman, Chris Francis and so many others.

I am riding In Honor of Sherry Heumann, Cheryl Chibnall, Cathy Donze, Brenda Schaeffer, and all my B.C. friends.


This is the 10th year that Eric and I get to ride for PEDAL THE CAUSE - the premier bicycling event in St Louis that, since 2010 has raised over 40 MILLION dollars to fund innovative cancer research right here in St Louis at SITEMAN CANCER CENTER and CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. This money has leveraged from other funding sources $12 for every $1 raised to support continued progress on the path to end cancer. 100% of EVERY DONATION goes to this cancer research.

I ride in MEMORY of my dad, Robert Chibnall who died of lung cancer in 1982 and for Mary Ann Winterer-Wetzel, my step-dad's first wife, who died of breast cancer. I ride in HONOR of the many survivors of cancer whom I know and love, especially my twin sister Sherry and my dear sister-in-law Cheryl who have both endured and conquered breast cancer and treatments in the last two years. I hold them in awe along with Cathy Donze - breast cancer support group leader extraordinaire, and the wonderful women who have been a part of that group over the years. I ride in GRATITUDE for my own successful treatment of both breast cancer and thyroid cancer, assisted by one of the doctors on our own HEADS-UP team!

Eric and I are pleased to be riding with the HEADS-UP team again, comprised of cancer survivors, BJC hospital staff, friends and family. Our friend, and team captain, Don Conine and his son were both treated successfully for their cancers at Siteman Cancer Center. Members of the HEADS-UP team treated me successfully for Thyroid Cancer which came 12 years after my own successful breast cancer treatments. We all ride for that one day when no one will have to endure cancer anymore.

On September 24 Eric and I will join thousands of other riders committed to creating a WORLD WITHOUT CANCER. It is an awesome day. I would be honored to carry the names of your loved ones affected by cancer in my heart and in my bike-bag. And if you'd like to join our team you can choose from 10 mile to 100 mile courses, or be a virtual rider, a volunteer or a donor! Just follow the link below to get started.

In the last 9 years I have raised just over $9000 dollars. In my 10th year, in honor of all those touched by cancer, I hope to make it to $10,000. Will you help me reach my goal?

It takes world-class research to create a world without cancer. Please help further the cause by donating to our rides and give with confidence knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly to accelerating cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Thank you for any support you may provide. God bless you!