I'm riding: PTC Classic

Team: Scott's Team

ID: 44575

Lifetime total: $2,680.00

I am riding In Memory of Scott Kleinman.

I am riding In Honor of Amber Lawson-Boothby.


This year is my fifth year riding and I am glad to be back on Scott's Team! Not a day goes by that I do not think of him or recall a funny story or event he and I shared while he was here.

My newest dedication is an incredible person, actually it is an entire family of fighters. I met Amber and Matt at their coffee shop in Union, Locust & Oak just a few months ago but to know them is like you have known them for years. They have four young children.
Not long after opening the store they were featured on the show The Thread.
Amber was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, on The Thread we also learned that it was also in her bones. Amber does not allow this to slow her down, she is always greeting folks with a smile, making sure things are well.
Recently Amber received the best news possible REMISSION!
Sadly, remission only lasted a few days as more has been found. More treatments are on the horizon and while she tells me to pray for a miracle I know her faith has not waned. At times when I ride, I think the ride is too tough and I can not keep going, I then think about the strength of the people I ride for like Amber and tell myself if they can go through what their fight, I can finish mine. As coach Jimmy V. once said Don't give up, don't ever give up.

This year, I am also dedicating my ride to some classmates who passed their battles with cancer on to us; Karen Skeirik, Susan Clark, Pam Judge, David Pitcher and Tom Warren.
I am also dedicating my ride to three survivors: Barb Wallach, Kim Soutiea and Mike McDaniel from last year. Barb and Kim are doing quite well, Mike is still fighting.

They were ALL fighters. Cancer didn't beat them, they fought to the end. I'll miss them all and know I'll see them again sometime. While I wait for that time, I'll continue their fight for them.
Rest easy Scott, Karen, Sue, Pam, David and Tom, I gotcha covered.
Kim, Barb, Mike keep fighting!

I am proud to join Pedal the Cause in the fight against cancer. Pedal the Cause is more than the region's top cycling event. It's a way of life, a celebration, and a movement fueled by the courage to end cancer.
It takes world-class research to create a world without cancer. Please help me in this journey by donating to my ride, and give with confidence knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly to accelerating cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital.

David Parsons