I'm riding: Metric Century

Team: Hill Climbers

ID: 4083

Lifetime total: $17,410.25

Start time: 07:30 AM


I am joining the fight against cancer by participating in the 9th annual Pedal the Cause bike challenge. Pedal the Cause has the mission to provide funding for cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital through their annual cycling challenge in hopes that the research funded by their event will ultimately lead to a cure for cancer. The research is working, but we need more

This year I am riding in honor of my sister in-law Judith who lost her 2nd battle with cancer in January . She was full of life even when battling cancer, but could not conquer it twice. She is greatly missed.

I also lost my mom to cancer when she was 49, the best boss I ever had died in his 50s, and the best co-worker I ever had died in her early 50s. Now I am older than any of them ever got the chance to be. I look forward to things they didn't get the chance to do: see all of their kids grow up and attend their weddings, play with their grandchildren. Similarly their loved ones will never have the opportunity to share these events with them.

I also lost my dad to cancer in 2017, in his case he was 94, and cancer was the only thing tough enough to beat him..

Please help me in this journey to find a cure by donating to my ride. I have committed to raise $2,500 for cancer research and 100% of your donation will go to directly to this cause.

I plan to ride 62 miles and I hope you will join me in this grass-roots effort to advance research and find a cure.

PS. If your company has a matching gift I ask that you also include that when making the donation. You will receive a confirmation email you can use for needed documentation.