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I'm riding: Century

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Sunday Start time: 7:00 am

Team: Express Scripts

ID: 40124

Lifetime total: $6,561.00

I am riding In Memory of Elan Haplerin.

I am riding In Honor of Samuel Halperin.


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2016: This year's ride was hard, and hot, with 4,650 ft. of climbing compared with 2,996 ft. last year. I am dedicating the effort to my beloved family who fought so well, and so long, Dr. Elan Halperin, and his father, Dr. Samuel Halperin. Thoughts of them were with me today, as they are many days, perhaps more in the form of inspiration this year, and perhaps with sadness less sharp. Read about Elan, below.

This year I had the great joy of riding with Heads Up, a team dedicated to Cancer Survivors and their great struggles. The Heads Up team is lead my my friend of two decades, Kurt Wolfgram, who rode today, in an affirmation of life.

Today was also a personal achievement. ON July 31, I was riding with a group on a marked bicycle lane, and our group was forced off the road by an SUV which drifted into our lane. I hit the riders in front of me and was ejected over the handlebars. I was pinned under the bike and hit the pavement hard. Fortunately the doctors in our group evaluated me and called for transportation to a nearby ER. Miraculously, the worst injury was a severely bruised knee. Today was the first day I rode without significant pain since the accident.

This ride was important enough for me to give it my all regardless of setbacks. Those we ride for inspire us to do this in all parts of our lives.

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Last time this year I wrote you about two close family, fighting cancer.

They are both gone now. Both succeeded in affirming life. For their example, I am grateful, and indebted, and so I ride.

One of the friends was a doctor, a healer, all his professional life. As a general practitioner in rural North Carolina, he was the first line of counsel and treatment for families in Elizabethtown, North Carolina, where before Elan and his pediatrician wife and partner Barbara arrived in their small town, families had very limited access to healthcare. The couple served the people around Baden Lakes State Forest from cradle to grave, with cheer and humility for several years. Two of their three children were born there.

Then later, and after more years of training, Elan continued serving his patients as a radiologist. Sometimes he was the first medical professional to see a shadow in an image, which could change a life.

He read his owncranial image. As he had helped countless families take the first steps in a fraught journey, he then knew that he must help his own family in that same journey.

I am not a doctor. But I can ride a bike. So I am riding to fight cancer in the annual Pedal the Cause challenge. Pedal the Cause provides funding for cancer research at St. Louis Children's Hospital and Siteman Cancer Center.

Some of us can fight cancer every day, like Elan did., and like the doctors at Children's Hospital do. Others can personally labor toward a cure for cancer as the scientists and researchers at Siteman do.

Though I cannot research cancer, I can ride 100 miles. What can you do? Can you help support my commitment to raise $1000 for cancer research? Every dollar of your donation will go directly to this cause.

I will ride in honor of Elan Halperin as a representative of all our loved ones. Please join me in this cause to advance research and find a cure. Please join Elan and me. Please donate.

Course update 2015:

The hilly course includes nine category five (hardest) climbs for a total of 2, 996 ft. of climbing. This included a timed circuit of Babler State Park, renowned for the Babler Beast mother of all hills.

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Together, we can fight cancer.


See my Garmin tracks for the 2016 Century course (98 miles) here: