Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: 100 miles

Team: Team Edward Jones

ID: 354

Lifetime total: $11,140.00

I am riding In Memory of Edwin R Gray.


I lost my father last week to cancer. The man who taught me to work hard, play hard, and take care of those around me never stopped providing for my every need even in the last weeks of his life. As I sat by his side at home next to his hospital bed he would say things like "Don't worry about me. Go get something to eat. You must be hungry." The same guy who taught me to ride a bike, got me through high school and paid tuition for college later took my phone calls from afar when I got into bike racing, hit the pavement at high speeds, breaking bones and lacerating skin and I needed medical advice. The picture above is just one from many races in my hometown when he stood in the feed zone for hours just to hand me a water bottle or two. He would even follow me around for hours in his car on training rides to protect me from distracted drivers ? in my late 40s!

This is my 11th year riding for Pedal the Cause. The reasons have not changed. We simply have to do more to fight cancer and find a cure. This is the only way I know to give back and take care of those so special in my life that cancer has taken from us. All of us know someone who deserved to win the battle with cancer but lost because we just don't have all the tools and knowledge we need yet to fight this terrible disease.

Please help by sponsoring me with any amount of cancer research funding you can spare.

Thanks to all those who have already joined the fight and to those of you who will choose to support us for the first time this year,

Dave G.