I'm riding: Big Hitter

Team: Bill's Angels

ID: 30155

Lifetime total: $50,003.75

Start time: 7:45 AM - Wave 1

I am riding In Memory of Dale Kennedy.


"I have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest caution." - Werner von Braun

2010: I recall how good I felt after we wrapped up year one of Pedal the Cause. I dusted my hands and patted myself on the back - I had done my part. And then Jay Indovino (PTC ED) told me to get on board for year two because "we haven't cured cancer yet".

At that moment, I admit, curing cancer felt impossible. But I watched that first year as something very powerful begin to form - a posse of sorts - the Pedal Family. Riders - Donors - Researchers - working together to create a pipeline to fund innovative science. Proof of concept led to larger trials funded by the NIH/NCI led to new therapies led to lives saved. Immunology, genetic therapies, cancer vaccines - becoming part of clinical conversations, turning cancers into chronic diseases rather than deadly ones. Making the impossible possible.

This is cool: Possible is derived from the Latin word posse (be able). Posse - a group of people who have a common purpose.

I love Pedal the Cause. Pedal is not just a bike ride or weekend event. It is a community of people who have been brought together because they have been touched by cancer. The Pedal Family is not just a hashtag, it is a very real group of friends and families and colleagues who band together in support. It is bright and dedicated and hard working researchers who not only work tirelessly but who ride and fundraise and support with compassion. It is hundreds of volunteers and it is generous sponsors and it is a passionate staff. Pedal is a powerful community that is advancing science and saving lives. It feels good and it is good.

I became a cyclist because of Don, and this year I will ride Pedal without him for the first time. He is recovering from a cycling accident and over these last couple of weeks I have seen the power of a posse at work. I know the importance of community, of feeling supported and finding strength in that support.

And so I ride this year with trepidation but with conviction. I ride because I know that with our collective efforts, tomorrow will be better than today. Will we cure cancer in my lifetime? I don?t know, but I know it is possible. I invite you, my posse, to join the posse of the Pedal Family as we form one strong, unified group of people who have a common purpose and keep working until we achieve it.

It is posse-able.