I'm riding: PTC Classic

Team: Larry's Ladies & Lads

ID: 28631

Lifetime total: $9,362.13

Start time: 9:15 AM - Wave 2

I am riding In Memory of Betty Swanson.

I am riding In Honor of Allan Swanson.


I'm excited for my 7th year as a registered rider with PTC!

Though last year found me volunteering instead of pedaling, this year I am looking forward to again riding and am aiming for this to be my best fundraising year yet! Why the passion? First of all in memory of my mom and other family and friends who battled different cancers (while holding close in my thoughts their loved ones who miss them); secondly, looking forward with hope, this ride is in honor of survivors and those still fighting, this year especially my dad; and finally, it is for that stranger, or any among us, vulnerable to cancer striking close to home... May the future hold answers to stop this disease even before it strikes.

With Pedal the Cause, 100% of the donations participants raise go directly toward cancer RESEARCH at the St Louis Children's Hospital and the Siteman Cancer Center. I have friends and family far beyond this area, but am committed to this ride because of the stewardship of local accountability coupled with the far reaching benefit of medical advances in lifesaving treatments and prevention from a world class facility.

Please help make this a record year for funding life saving research!

One thing more... While we join to raise funds for research, remembering family members and friends we hold dear, thank you especially for raising also your prayers.

Thank you for your support!