Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Big Hitter

Team: Powered by Hope

ID: 28475

Lifetime total: $33,150.00

I am riding In Memory of Bob Van Horn.

I am riding In Honor of Teri Griege and all the others that continue to fight!.


The first year that I rode in Pedal the Cause, it was with a sense of obligation. I felt like I should because I was a cancer survivor who received treatment at Siteman, and was friends with Teri Griege (if you don't know her, she is our Team's Leader). I had no idea what to expect or just how much the weekend would mean to me, nor how much I would come to respect the people in the organization that puts on this first class event!

This year, and every year, I will ride for many reasons, and not one of them is because I feel obliged. Most of my reasons are the people I have met through my involvement with Powered By Hope and Pedal the Cause. I am continually humbled as I get to know each of our Ride for a Child kiddos and their families. I am constantly amazed by the strength and resolve of so many cancer fighters, such as my friend Teri, who refuses to allow cancer to dictate her outlook on life, or dissuade her from her mission of sharing hope with others in the fight!

Teri has been one of the greatest gifts I received during my time fighting cancer. She is a person who never ceases to inspire me, and often exhausts me with her energy. She introduced me to this amazing event and organization. She provided me with an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on (but not for too long because she had to get training for some event or another) when I was going through treatment. She continues to inspire me, encourages me to reach higher than I ever thought possible, and she still exhausts me with her boundless energy. I will ride this year, and every year forward, for my dear friend Teri Griege, who is a stage IV colorectal cancer warrior, because she is hands down one of the most awe-inspiring women I have ever met!

**September 17th, 2021, Teri will celebrate her 12 year Cancerversary - 12 years of not just living her life with cancer, but living her life to the fullest! She was given a 6% chance of living 5 years and she has crushed those odds. Teri is living proof that the money we are raising for cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center is working. People are living longer, fuller lives while they continue to undergo treatment!!

Please join me in the quest to create a world without cancer by donating to my ride, or getting involved yourself. You can give confidently knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly to accelerating cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kiids at St. Louis Children's Hospital.