Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Big Hitter

Start time: 7:55 am

Team: Pancreas Cancer Road Warriors

ID: 21355

Lifetime total: $87,082.24

I am riding In Memory of Dan Whelan and Jim Edgar.


Why do I ride? Because my husband, Dan lost his battle to cancer as well as my dad, Jim Edgar. My heart breaks for all who struggle with cancer. My story isn't as great as Dan's is so I leave it on my page as my inspiration. Dan can't ride here any longer but I still can and I want to have a world without cancer one day. That is why I ride.

Why do I ride? Because I still can!!! I also ride for my wife, my kids, my son-in-law, my granddaughter and for the amazing team of doctors who have helped take care of me during my illness. While I ride for the Pancreas Cancer Road Warriors, I do not have any kind of cancer that is related to the Pancreas. My cancer is testicular - it is a rare form of testicular cancer - a Leydig Cell Tumor. Most times this cancer is benign, but in my case my cancer has spread, making it in a whole other class. I was first diagnosed in 2007. I had my first re-occurance of this tumor in 2011, when Dr. Linehan removed an 8 pound 2 ounce tumor and 60% of my liver. I then had a few more re-occurances - 1 in a lymph node, 1 in my right lung and 1 on the muscles in my back and in the area roundly spleen. I rode in 2014 and completed 75 miles after round 2 of 4 chemo treatments. I was told in November 2014 nothing could more could be done for my cancer. I was again told in 2015 that all my tumors had grown and there was still nothing they could do for me. So I rode 75 more miles to raise money. In 2016,. I started an immuninotherapy treatment. I receive the therapy every two weeks and ride my bike after each treatment. I have to ride on a trainer int he living room because of the pain meds I receive during the infusion. I also have had radiation treatments, just 5, to help as well. The doctors tell me my tumors appear to be stable but I need to keep treating them so I can ride and hopefully live cancer free one day.

I need your help to raise money so a researcher will find a cure. My son made this amazing video of my brothers who joined me on my ride in 2015 year and will join me again this year. watch this video of my siblings
He also made a video of my day when I get an infusion and how we stream the last 15 minutes live on Facebook.

My team of doctors include Dave Linehan, Don Skor, Dan Picus, Traves Crabtree, Alan Braverman, Phil Cuculich, Nael Saad, Larry Einhorn, Bruce Lindsay, Joel Picus, Steve Brandes, Paul Mehan, and Shi-Ming Tu and countless Residents, Fellows, nurses and staff who all work with these doctors. I feel as if they have worked hard to keep me going, so I should repay them by raising money to keep them going. I hope my efforts help them to find cures and treatments so no one has to endure the pain of cancer.

I love my wife and family and hope that with their support, I can finish this ride and share the sweetness of knowing I have helped another family get through with cancer.