Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Metric Century

Start time: 7:15 am

Team: Gyn Onc Teal on Wheels

ID: 212909

Lifetime total: $650.00

I am riding In Honor of The OB/GYNs of WashU and Gyn Onc Teal on Wheels team!.


This Sunday, I'm biking and fundraising for a local org called Pedal The Cause, which raises money for local STL cancer research at Siteman / STL Children's / Barnes. My partner Tyler is a gyn oncologist fellow and I've signed up to ride with his coworker's team, which is made up of medical providers and local surviving patients ❤️❤️❤️. It's just too heartwarming when you really stop to think about these people and their health journeys.

I don't love fundraising, and I don't love the burden America places on nonprofits just in general to fill social gaps, but this charity hits home, is local to our STL region, and supports a really phenomenal, dedicated medical group and deserving children and adult cancer patients. $3.4 Million has been raised this year so far from 3,032 people (Go St. Louis!), but I'm wondering if we can increase that number just a lil bit more! Who's with me??

TLDR - If you have some spare cash, please consider donating!

Learn more about our team's mission here [YouTube video with sound].

Help build awareness for gynecologic cancer with these resources from the Foundation for Women's Cancers.

[Pictured above] Me (left), Amanda (middle), and Tyler (right). Tyler and Amanda are co-fellows in the gyn onc program here at Siteman. One team, one dream!