Pedal the Cause


Shift time: 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Bike #:

Team: Team Kyle

ID: 210202

Lifetime total: $301,180.26

I am riding In Memory of Kyle Andersen.

I am riding In Honor of Anna Prosser, Julie Funke and Joanna Hayden.


HI Friends!!! This year I have chosen to participate in Pedal the Cause in honor of my late husband Kyle Andersen. I first want to thank everyone who has donated to the Kyle Andersen fund in the past. Please know your efforts are starting to change people?s lives AS WE SPEAK. The treatment Kyle worked for him as the studies indication and other patients are starting the treatment as we speak. We aren't done yet though. Unfortunately, funds for cancer research are tough to find. It's a very upsetting fact, when you peel the layers back and start to understand more why the needs for funds aren't granted in a quicker more streamlined manner. This is WHY I started the Kyle Andersen fund back when Kyle was first diagnosed. Kyle had already received the 2 standard of care treatments for pancreatic cancer. He had the "bad luck" type of pancreatic cancer meaning he had no mutations or genetic markers that would help target his treatment. That being said, the Lord was looking down upon us and knew we needed to be in the hands of Dr. Kian Lim. One of the leading pancreatic cancer specialists in this disease. Dr Lim had been working on a treatment for years before Kyle was diagnosed and was simply waiting on money to get into patients. He had been back and forth back and forth with the FDA for years. Something as little as a needs size difference was holding back their approval and funding. When I learned of this information my mind was BLOWN. HOW HOW HOW can there be something in a lab that could save my husband?s life (and many many others) and we not have access to it. Money was the problem. Enter in the start of our fund and the fire in my mind, body and soul to make that change. Kyle ended up getting the treatment through compassionate use.(if you have questions on this, please reach out to me or google to find out what all goes into compassionate use treatment), that being said we still were 1,000% committed to getting Dr Lim $3M to open a study without the restrictions of time, place and so on. So far we have raised $511,000 of the $3M. The FDA has started a study including 2 of the 3 medications needed. They are agreeing to enter the 3rd medication when the first 2 show promising results, however this takes TIME. They are allowing 3 patients at a time to start the regimen. In the mean TIME people are dying every day to this awful disease and so many others. This has got to stop. So, this is where I am going to ask you to continue to help raise awareness and funds to end all cancers, including Pancreatic Cancer and continue Kyle?s Legacy. He made such a difference in so many lives while he was on this earth and it's my commitment to both He and Dr. Lim to continue to raise funds for innovative cancer research, including the Andersen Study and any other promising research that becomes available. Please consider joining me in raising another $1M+. There are several option when you click the link below. Thank you!!!!!