I'm riding: Century

Team: Clayco

ID: 2098

Lifetime total: $40,050.85

Start time: 7:00 am

I am riding In Memory of Ron Rolfes Sr, Tom Eakin and Thomas Rolfes.

I am riding In Honor of Ron Rolfes.


Why I Ride:

2019 Updates
Last year was relatively calm with Radiation treatments to my lungs, two bouts of Pneumonia and monthly Chemo Maintenance for the entire year. Chemo is difficult and doing it since 2012 seems to make each year a little bit more difficult. However, PTC is my SuperBowl and I work hard to meet the start bell along with a GREAT Group of Friends and Riders to support me. This year I have bought a new bike and have committed to multiple events leading up to this great day. I look forward to meeting my Yellow Jersey Goal and seeing all of you out there on Sunday.
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Always Remember and Never Forget - RR, TE, TBR - Angles -

2018 Updates
Early this year we lost my father to his fight with heart disease. He was a wonderful man and father and showed me the value of working hard and taking care of your family. I thank all of you that honored his passing by donating to PTC. We appreciate your prayers and PTC will benefit from your donations.
My battle with Cancer continues. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by great people at Siteman who help me fight on. I have continued my Chemo treatments which have been difficult but effective. We will be using Radiologic Oncology to address a few lesions in my lungs in March which hopefully will ease the amount of Chemo necessary to keep my disease at bay. We will continue to ride to stay in shape which means my crew will continue to push me to my limits. I look forward to this years ride and ask each of you to donate to this great cause. Please help me to the podium this year. Thank you all!

2017 ? Updates

We think of and miss Thomas every day. There will always be a part of us missing without him. I ride because Thomas can?t and when I ride, I will always think of him.

Cancer ? Treatable but Incurable ? that is where I am. What this means is my Cancer is incurable, however, the current Chemo I am taking is keeping it at bay. The bad news is I will be on Chemo indefinitely so that rosie glow you see on my face is rash caused by my treatments. The good news is my cancer is manageable and allows me opportunities to continue to participate in this Great Cause.

I am taking all of this as a sign that I am here for a reason. One of those reasons is to continue to fight for a cure for Cancer. I have added help with my Angel Thomas but need the support of friends and family to raise money to fund research to find a Cure.

Please give in memory of Thomas. Please give to help support me in my battle of Cancer. Please give to finally find a Cure for Cancer.

May 7,2016
Our son, one of my biggest supporters, one of my best friends, big brother to his siblings, fellow Clayco Team member, and PTC rider was shot and killed senselessly in New Orleans. He was a magnificent young man with such a joy about him and always a kind word or a hand up to anyone in need. His future was boundless. He touched so many people in his extremely short 25 years and his family will miss him forever. This Pedal the Cause has taken on a new purpose and meaning for me. Together on the Wings of my new Angel, we will beat Cancer. We will always Love you Thomas Rolfes!
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Cancer returned in 2015 and I had another lung surgery. Cancer returned again in 2016 and I am currently struggling through another round of Chemo. Third time will be the charm!
I am committed to riding this year as I am committed, along with all of my PTC friends and family, to kick Cancer's Ass. Please support me in my personal fight of Cancer but more importantly with PTC's great efforts to beat this terrible disease ! Together we will beat this!

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in March of 2012. Was has given a 4% chance of survival. I have been through 6 surgeries including liver and colon resection and two lung surgeries, 18 Chemo treatments, countless scans, blood tests. In March 2015, I was 1 Year Clear. For all the doctors and countless nurses who give so much to have gotten me where I am, I thank you and I RIDE FOR YOU.
I RIDE FOR my family TTTT with whom all is possible. They have endured all of the above with grace and Rolfi humor. We as a family live our motto - Try Hard and Never Give Up. They are the world to me and don't thank them enough.
I RIDE with a great group of friends TTTT that have included me in a brotherhood that only people who ride can truly appreciate. They have treated me as a fellow biker and not someone with Cancer. They have waited for me at the tops of hills and at ends of events with absolutely no complaints. They have pushed me to achieve things I never thought possible. They are my brothers.