Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: riding 50 miles

Team: Team SmartMouth

ID: 20864

Lifetime total: $72,813.00

I am riding In Memory of James L. Scheetz DDS, Andrew Burch.


Hello all,

I am living proof that cancer research helps save lives.

In the 1950?s when my dad graduated from dental school, he thought his x-ray machine was cutting edge technology. What he did not know, was how dangerous radiation could be after long periods of exposure. It is what you don?t know that gets you!
He passed away on March 17, 1982 at 49 from Multiple Myeloma. Not many people had ever heard of that before, but it is a form of bone marrow cancer, and they were not doing bone marrow transplants at the time. They gave him 2-10 years from prognosis, and he lived just two. Today, because of research, people are not dying from this cancer!!!

On December 1, 2020, a dear friend and my boss passed away from a cancer they call GIST. I had never heard of it before he told me he was fighting in 2019. It was at that time that he asked me to be his successor, to ensure the financial future of his family, I will live up to that promise. It was a battle, he was a valiant warrior, and no one can say that he was refused any possible treatment. He will join the army of people who inspire me to continue in my crusade!!

I have now been to my doctors office on three different occasions and my Oncologist, Dr. Lannis Hall, continues to inform me that my numbers are ?fanfreakingtastic?, and continue to get better!!

I cannot tell you how blessed I feel. Not only because my cancer is gone, but blessed by the people on this email. You all have been there for me through this Pedal the Cause journey, and we have done some amazing things. I ask you all every year, and every year you respond with generosity and support.

I know we are experiencing a crazy time right now and completely understand if your circumstances do not permit you to support Pedal the Cause this year. I truly thank you all for everything you have done, and hope that you can continue with me on this journey! As I have said before, I will support PTC for as long as I am on this earth!!

I love you all, from my heart! Thank you.