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Hi All,

St. Louis's premier fundraising event is coming up fast. And I went for a run back in March, thus fulfilling my exercise quota for calendar year 19. So we're switching it up this time around. This year, the Hamiltons and Braidwoods are hosting a "Spirit Station" along the course. Yes, it's an excuse to be lazy. But it's also a great way to feel the electricity of the event. I had the honor of seeing off waves of riders two years ago. The spirit is contagious; the cause front and center. Sometimes it's good to concentrate more on the Cause and less on the Pedaling. Watching our goal of 4,000 riders passing by will be inspiring, and easy on the ol' glutes.

Some of you may know that this is year 10 for Pedal the Cause. Your support helped raise over $4.5 million last year, raising our 9-year total to $24.3 million. That's nearly $25 mil at an 8-to-1 NIH multiplier - call it $200 million toward cancer research. Maybe more importantly, Pedal has woven its way into the fabric of St. Louis's annual event calendar. It's a tradition for cyclers and non-cyclers alike - a circled weekend due to first class operation and a 100% donation model. I echo it every year: every dollar you pledge goes straight to Siteman and Children's cancer research. No overhead. No tee shirt purchases. No water bottles. Curing cancer.

It's heart-wrenching that seemingly every year Kassandra and I have a new family to honor during the event. Our wonderful sister-in-law, Megan Braidwood, lost her mother, Janet Spencer Fiene, to this crap disease this summer. Megan and her sisters will be on our minds with each passing rider.

Thank you as always for your support. I know there are many great causes out there. We are fortunate that you make Pedal one of your annual contribution considerations. Please donate what you can here:

If riding, holler at us when you ride by. We'll be the group playing hair metal.