I'm riding: Big Hitter

Team: Team Keeley

ID: 1465

Lifetime total: $3060.4300

Start time: 8:15 am - Wave 3

I am riding In Memory of Art Beazley.


Hi all,

I am joining the fight against cancer by participating in the eigth-annual Pedal the Cause bike challenge. I am riding in honor and memory of my Uncle Art (pictured above) who unfortunately died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011, after a courageous battle.

This is a cycling fundraising event where 100% of the proceeds support cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital.

I have chosen to ride 50 miles (Big Hitter) on September 30, 2018.

I would love to have your support through a donation to me as a rider - even $5 to $10 from everyone I know would make a huge difference! I have committed to raise at least $500 for cancer research and 100% of your donation will go to directly to this cause.

Top 10 reasons I have chosen this event -

{1} People I know have been touched by cancer, including my Uncle Art and our family.

{2} 100% of the funding from Pedal The Cause stays in St Louis!

{3} PTC funds have totaled over 15 million dollars in donations and resulted in 92 cancer research projects for Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital!!!

{4} I am excited to meet and ride with many others united for a common goal!

{5} The thought of finding a cure for cancer is incredible and I want to contribute to this effort!

{6} I like the fact that proceeds support research for all types of cancer.

{7} BJC / Siteman / Wash U are employers that are not leaving St. Louis.

{8} It is modeled after other big city rides that have been very successful.

{9} I want to support St. Louis researchers.

{10} Sometimes, it feels good to give back.

I hope you will join me in this grass-roots effort to advance research and find a cure.

Thanks so much,

Cara (Saunders) Capuano