I'm riding: PTC Classic

Team: Team Keeley

ID: 13372

Lifetime total: $23,580.00

Start time: 9:45 am - Wave 4

I am riding In Memory of The Hammer.


I ride for Nick.

This year Pedal the Cause takes place 4 days after what would have been my father's 83rd birthday.

He will be there.

I can hear him now . . . 'Keep Firing, Max.

You're damn right we are gonna keep firing, Dad. That is what you taught us and showed us.

We will win because we will continue to show up and fight until you are dead, cancer.

Ride Strong,

Cancer is a group of dread diseases which will afflict one in three Americans during their lifetime. It is not widely recognized that more than 50% of those who develop cancer WILL BE CURED of their disease, that the cure rate increases with younger age, and that the cure rate has progressively increased over the past two decades.

Last year the MORTALITY RATE from cancer DECLINED for the first time. All of these positive events have developed because of the nation's cancer research efforts. Although the National Cancer Institute is the largest single source of cancer research funds, the NCI's funding is less than 50% of all cancer research funds, and is a small fraction of the funds spent on cancer health care.

The dollars raised by Pedal The Cause are essential for the cancer research effort in St Louis, providing flexible dollars for novel ideas. These novel ideas invariablylead to new grants and new ways to solve the cancer problem
at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Please help me in this journey to find a cure by donating to my ride. I have committed to raise $2,500 for cancer research and 100% of your donation will go to directly to this cause.

I plan to ride 62 miles on September 29th and I hope you will join me in this grass-roots effort to advance research and find a cure.