Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Big Muddy Century and The Beast

Team: Miles for Smiles

ID: 131383

Lifetime total: $9,307.50

I am riding In Memory of Susan Turley, Dave Marti, Delphine Wiseman.

I am riding In Honor of Taylor Marti, Donna Wiseman, and to many more friends and family.


Many of us are touched by amazing people who contribute to the brightness of life. So many of those lights of inspiration have been affected by cancer. Their journey takes a path that so many others have but completely unique to that person. My mother, Susan Turley, was one who's life took a turn with cancer and we honor her memory now. Her battle with cancer was to short and recognized too late. Siteman and Barnes did all they could for her until her passing on 7/6/15.

A fighter, Taylor Marti, is navigating the immense obstacles laid before him due to his battle with the rare ATRT. He rang the Chemo Bell at St. Louis Children's Hospital on day 6/27/19 - day 331 of this fight that continues with challenges post treatment but remains in remission.
I am honored to be among those who call Rachel, Joe, Natalie and Taylor "family" and friends. You can see more of Taylor's story here: Taylor Tuff Facebook Group
Pedal the Cause is not just a way to give back and fight cancer. The ride itself reminds me of my childhood riding with my family. Taking afternoon rides to "distant" places. Being able to use this experience now and contribute to fight cancer is motivational and powerful.

My brother, Doug Turley, said this upon my mother's passing:
"We all make a mark on the world around us. I think the most substantial of those aren't the tangible but those that shape those around you by how they are treated and the feelings that are behind them... In some way we will all make our own marks and those will be shaped by the mark she left on us."

I hope to make a mark with the help of my wife Kara Turley, daughter Ramsey Turley, and son Kamden you make me a better person.
Thank you all for those who assist this cause.