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I'm riding: 60 miles

Team: Team Leukemia

ID: 129791

Lifetime total: $903.00


I have been lucky enough to be a part of cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center for nearly eight years and only recently moved elsewhere in the organization. Being a part of cancer research at an elite cancer center makes it easy to find inspiration every day--from the patients' amazing attitudes during such a difficult time, to the clinicians working so hard to help their patients, to the countless people supporting the research in other ways, always knowing they were making their mark in the fight against cancer. I was one of these people and feel like I always will be.

It has been amazing to see the research being done at Siteman Cancer Center through Washington University School of Medicine and BJC Healthcare. If you know me, you know how much I like to talk (and talk and talk) about the work being done, and it wasn't long ago that some current treatments were ideas only found in science fiction! It is through this work that Siteman researchers are moving to a new world where cancer is less devastating to patients, families and communities. It's amazing to think about, and I think about it a lot.