Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: 20 miles

Team: Stifel

ID: 118518

Lifetime total: $1,050.00

I am riding In Memory of Dave Hopper.


Some people are a thread that's woven through the fabric of your life making it more colorful. I'm riding because Dave Hopper is my thread! As Darryl's best friend, he was there on our first date in high school, best man at our wedding and witness to the 10 years in between and the 28 years following. Our lives are filled with Hopper stories and the memories made living life alongside each other.

This past March, we lost Dave to his battle with prostate cancer. Honestly, we are not sure how to move forward without him in our lives. The one thing we know he would want us to do is to continue the fight against cancer by supporting Pedal the Cause.

Dave rode every year in Pedal the Cause because he experienced first hand how important cancer research is. I have committed again this year to raise $500 towards cancer research. 100% of the funds go to research right here in St. Louis.

Please donate if your able so that someday the only thing we say goodbye to is cancer!