I'm riding: PTC Circuit

Team: Team Victoria

ID: 112661

Lifetime total: $1390.0000

Start time: 10:30 am

I am riding In Honor of Victoria Drier/ Team Victoria.


I'm proud and privileged to be riding in honor and support of my dear childhood friend, Victoria Drier.

Victoria and I became friends when I transferred to Ladue middle school in 8th grade where we instantly connected both being two of the tallest girls in our grade :). Our bond grew more tight-knit in high school and we even got to attend a few years of college at Mizzou together.

2018 marks the 12th year Victoria has been battling brain cancer. We were 16 years old when Victoria began to have terrible headaches which led to getting an MRI that revealed a tumor the size of two golf balls. I'll never forget driving home from a YoungLife event and her breaking the news to me and our closest friends. We cried in the car for what seems like hours. We were so young, confused, and scared that someone who we love so dearly could receive such awful and life-changing news.

At that moment, myself, and our friends vowed to always be her champions, as we still are today and will always be.

At 16, Victoria went through a full craniotomy and then had radiation therapy at Siteman Cancer Center. She went on to graduate high school, along with the rest of us girls, but during our freshman year at Mizzou, another tumor emerged in the same place. Once again, we stood by her side as she went through another surgery and more treatment.

Victoria since has received around 6 more surgeries through her early and mid-20s in attempts to remove and treat the tumor and cancer.

Victoria has also gone through clinical trials of experimental radiation and chemotherapy and innovative personalized treatment involving a vaccine made from her most recent tumor's DNA.

Victoria is my inspiration. She is the definition of strength, courage, and grace. I am awestruck of her tenacity to fight this battle and to not lose her spirit through the journey.

After so many years and so many interruptions of her adolescence, her educations, and her young adulthood one might expect Victoria to be bitter, but no. She still shines with joy, kindness, and gleams with a hope of a recovery and brighter future ahead.

Please join me in the fight to help support cancer research so that we can find a cure for Victoria, for your loved ones, and for us to know a world without cancer.

Love, Joanie