Pedal the Cause


Team: Powered by Hope

ID: 112491

Lifetime total: $9,821.00

I am riding In Memory of Rona Gitelson.

I am riding In Honor of Danielle Braunstein, Carole & Irwin Braunstein, Anita Kraus and too many others.


2021 the year of 25 for 25. .. see why

This year I am participating in honor of two amazing women in my life who together celebrate 25 years of remission. My daughter, Danielle Braunstein celebrating 20 years and an inspiring friend, Anita Kraus celebrating 5 years. For each of their combined years of remission, I want to raise $100 totaling $2,500. 100% of all funds raised will go towards cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Why is this this so important? Five years ago I fought for my life due to a life threatening brain tumor and complications following two emergency surgeries. Through it all, my family never heard the word cancer. My tumor was non-cancerous and for that, I am grateful. Unfortunately, too many others in my life (and yours) have not been as fortunate. Knowing how this permanently impacted my life - without the added effects of chemo and radiation, I am once again joining the Powered By Hope team to help create a world without cancer because I can!

As much as I want to list the names of everyone in my life who hasfought the battle (or continues to fight), my list is way too long but in addition to Danielle and Anita, I am also honoring my mom Rona Gitelson (z?l) who twice fought so courageously, teaching us how to live each day with dignity and hope.

Will you join me in my 25 for 25 challenge? Together we can save lives.