Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: Pedal Pacer

Team: Express Scripts

ID: 111815

Lifetime total: $2,710.34

I am riding In Memory of Amy Crosby.


In 2018, I completed my first Pedal the Cause event, riding in honor of my mom who previously beat cancer as a member of my work team at Express Scripts. In 2019, I rode for my 28 year old best friend of 16 years who at the time of the ride, was battling for her life after being diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. I am heartbroken to say that in 2020, I will be riding in memory of my best friend Amy. In October 2019, shortly after the 2019 PTC event, Amy passed away after a 8 month battle. I am proud to be a captain of Express Scripts' Pedal the Cause team in 2020.

I am dedicating this Pedal the Cause race to Amy. I know research that occurs because of the donations that happen because of Pedal the Cause help those fighting. Last year while fighting, Amy wanted nothing more than to go home and take her beloved Jeep out for a long drive. Something so simple as that is the reason I am riding and raising money for cancer research - i want people everywhere impacted by cancer to enjoy the simple things in life, things that we all take for granted.

Thank you for your donations and support!