Pedal the Cause

I'm riding: riding 50 miles

Team: St. Louis Children's Hospital

ID: 111081

Lifetime total: $2,145.00


What if I told you there was a monster that lurks around every corner? One whom attacks unknowing and innocent people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and skin colors. This monster is one whom we are all familiar with. One who has undoubtedly stolen from us one or many people we hold dear; mothers, fathers, friends, coworkers, and our most innocent and vulnerable, our children. This monster is cancer.

While there is very little good news that follows something like the monster that is cancer, there is hope. Researchers all across the country and especially here in Missouri at Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kids at Children's Hospital in St. Louis are working tirelessly every day to find a cure and destroy this monster.

I am proud to join my wife in the Pedal the Cause race to find a cure in St. Louis. I have pledged to raise $500 for cancer research for the race. Would you consider a donation today and help me defeat the monster that is cancer!

I am doing this for:
Ten-year-old Jackson, who is receiving treatment at STL Children's for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia ("ALL") that was discovered in May 2019 after a routine treatment for strep throat;
My Grandma;
My friend who lost his mom when we were freshmen;
Sam and the Santhuffs;
My best friend who lost his mom way too soon;
My wife's dad; and
All those who have lost one whom they hold dear, the parents who have had to bury their child, to those in the thick of it battling to beat cancer, to those who have fought the good fight and won.

Here is to those who have kicked cancer's ass and those who are kicking cancers ass!!

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and go a long way to defeating cancer! 100% of the proceeds go to Siteman Cancer Center and and Siteman Kids. Thank you!