Ameren Kids Challenge

ID: 103033

Lifetime total: $1213.2000

Shift time: 11:30am - 11:50am

I am riding In Honor of Papa, Granni Anni and my Mommy.


My Mommy had a Daisy (brain cancer) and she went to her hospital (Siteman Cancer Center) and had it removed. She had to take medicine for a long time, but she doesn't any more. In April she rang the bell!! I don't want my Mommy to have any more surgeries or have to take more medicine. Please help me raise money for her doctors to make her better.

My Papa went to Siteman too. He was trying new medicines, but they didn't work. I was his doctor too and I gave him medicine (Jolly Rancher) every time I saw him. He said my medicine made him feel better. But, my Papa died in April because he was too sick. I miss my Papa so much and wish he would come back.

My Granni was also going to her hospital (Siteman). But she was too sick and died after Papa. I wish they had something that could have made her better.

I am proud to join Pedal the Cause and ride my bike on September 29 with the hope and the courage to end cancer.

Mommy said my bike was a cancer curing bike. I am going to ride fast so that I can help my Mommy's doctors to make sure her Daisy doesn't come back. And I don't want any other kid to lose their Papa to cancer. Maybe they will find a cure with the money I raise. Will you please help me by donating to my ride and their doctors? And guess what!? Mommy says 100% of your donation will go directly to accelerating cancer research at her hospital (Siteman Cancer Center AND St. Louis Children's Hospital).