I'm riding: PTC Classic

ID: 102905

Lifetime total: $995.0000

Start time: 9:15 am - Wave 1

I am riding In Memory of Poppy and Tata.


I'm quoting my very eloquent sister, Nicole Indovino: In 2010 my dad, Jay Indovino, helped start Pedal the Cause. Over the past 8 years I have watched it grow greatly in numbers, an overall $20 million donated to cancer research, thousands of riders in two different cities, and over 100 research projects funded. I have witnessed hospitals, research centers, corporations, small companies, schools, restaurants, neighborhoods, friends, and families in St. Louis come together to end cancer. This spirit and determination PTC has created in our community is unquantifiable and absolutely inspiring. And even to this day, my dad still sits at our kitchen table every night, hitting refresh and reading aloud the number of riders signed up for PTC.

I ride because I have seen the effects and the prevalence of cancer in many communities. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. It is rare to know someone who has not been affected by cancer in some way or another. I ride in memory of both of my grandparents, Joan (Tata) and Louis (Poppy) Indovino. Poppy died of lung cancer and Tata of uterine cancer a couple of years before, I miss the both of them very much! I also ride for my family friends who have lost the battle to cancer, are battling cancer, or are cancer survivors. Any donation to my ride would be greatly appreciated!

I am proud to join Pedal the Cause in the fight against cancer. Pedal the Cause is more than the region's top cycling event. It's a way of life, a celebration, and a movement fueled by the courage to end cancer.

It takes world-class research to create a world without cancer. Please help me in this journey by making a donation, and give with confidence knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly to accelerating cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital.