I'm riding: Two Bridges

Team: Team Edward Jones

ID: 102390

Lifetime total: $5850.0000

Start time: 9:15 am - Wave 1


This is my second year participating in Pedal the Cause. I have a motivation stronger than ever to help raise money to fight against this ugly disease.

A little less than 2 years ago my amazing mom Tami Jo, was diagnosed with a grade three, malignant glioma on the right side of her brain. In December of 2016, she had a full resection of the tumor! We were all overjoyed with the great news until the pathology came back on January 4th. This hit our family like a ton of bricks, especially me. My heart sank like a stone to the bottom of a pond. But nevertheless, God is still greater than it all and we put our trust in Him - and the amazing doctors at Siteman. Our journey continued with 7 weeks of radiation and 6 more months of heavy-duty chemotherapy. A year ago during PTC she had just finished all of her treatments and was working to regain her strength. She'll be cheering for Dad and me during our ride! She has been an absolute trooper through it all!. Mom, I'm so proud of you! We have done everything in our power to kick this cancer to the curb! And we sure hope that it stays there, on the curb!

What really makes PTC special to me is the connection between Siteman Cancer Center research and my mom. There are many important studies going on at Siteman that can potentially lengthen my mom's life and the lives of many others!

So... Join me! Let's team up and create a world without cancer! Thank you for all of your support and generosity!

- Griffin