Dromara Road Neighborhood Challenge

DIY Fundraiser

ID: 198828

Organizer: Bruce Schneider

Start Date: 04/04/2022

End Date: 06/18/2022

We are fundraising In Honor of All those fighting a cancer diagnosis..


Dear Friends and Neighbors:

The Team at Siteman has been caring, compassionate and instrumental in my fight against cancer. Now I have the opportunity to give back and support Siteman so they can help others fighting this disease by raising money for the prevention, treatment, and cure for cancer.

You can imagine how grateful and eager I am to support this wonderful institution and support of those who have been invaluable to me. Hence, our First Annual Dromara Road Neighborhood Challenge, benefiting Pedal the Cause, with 100% of your donations being given to Siteman Cancer Center for life-saving cancer research. Siteman will leverage your donations 7:1 with follow-on funding from national sources, like the NIH. Your $1000 turns into $7000!
Our neighborhood challenge is open to you, your family, your friends and consist of:
Two Cycling Courses: 10 miles & 20 miles
Two Walking Courses: 2 miles & 3 miles
Refueling station at Palm Health
Celebratory Refreshments & Fundraising Total Reveal at noon at the Schneider's.
A true neighborhood event! A true outpouring of love!
No better way to kick-off Father's Day Weekend, especially if kids and grandkids are involved, making it a family event that gives back to the community.

Pam and I thank you for your friendship and your support.

With love,